Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Board game for open class

Board game
1. Roll the dice
2. Read your sentence and answer
3. Correct answer - stay
 wrong answer - go back
1. Correct error
People love to eating street food
2. correct error
There are fast food on street corner.
3. Many beavers live in Belgium. (T/F)

4. correct error People enjoy  to eating beaver tales

8. Beaver tale is a big and flat bread(T/f)
Where is Wangfujing street?
6. correct error There is a meat, insect and starfish sticks.
5 Brussels waffles are thin and have small pockets. (T/F)

9. What can you eat in N.Y?
10. Name 3 toppings for waffles
11. Correct error
The street is crowd day and night
Go to question 6

Pretzels in N.Y are big and soft. (T/F)
15.Where can you eat starfish  sticks?
14. You can choose different toppings for the hotdog.(T/F)

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